We began potty training a little over one month ago. Everleigh fought us some days while other days, she gladly sat on the commode and would go pee. Pooping was a WHOLE other story! She would still wear diapers to daycare, during nap time and bedtime. With that in mind, it was a sloooooooooooow process. But, you could see the wheels turning in her head, and most days I was confident she was headed in the direction of no more diapers. Here is how it all started for us, primarily me, as a mom, did most of the due diligence of trying to figure out when was the “right” time.

Day 1 – Purchase book “OH Crap – Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right” by Jamie Glowacki. Why? Quite honestly, I saw this book on Amazon, it had good reviews and I liked the title. I basically judged a book by its cover! Even though I have a wealth of very experienced and knowledgeable family members and friends who have all trained their children to use the potty (and most likely didn’t need a book) I still purchased said book. I figured, if anything, I would learn something or two… or three… I began reading it the day the book came in the mail. I’m so glad I did! I not only learned some very helpful tips, but Jaime is hilarious! I enjoyed her no nonsense approach to teaching your child to use the potty. She’s real, fresh and does not sugar coat anything. So, with my new knowledge and only a few chapters read, I decided my then 18 month old would start to use the potty. Here is where it starts and basically ended.

A Week Later – We were at my parent’s house for a long weekend in 2016; with our training potty in tow, we decided Everleigh (who was only a little over 18 months at the time) would start potty training. First time I sat her down, she peed! I clapped, cheered and celebrated ecstatically! She, as smart as she is, looked at me like I was losing my mind and that was the end of that. We sat her down a few more times that day, no more going potty. And since my parents enjoy keeping their house extra clean, I didn’t let her totter around in the buff just in case she would pee on the floor. So back went on the diaper. I got lazy and pretty much potty training stopped as fast as it began.

Fast forward to March 2017 – It’s time! I’m determined! We are going for the gold people! I sign up for Audible and purchase my first audio book “Oh Crap” by Jamie Glowacki. This time, since I have hardly time to make myself lunch most days, I decide that listening to her book will be a much better effort in finishing it than when I was trying to read it. I took notes and repeated this very important quote by an extremely wise being….”Do or do not, there is no try!” – Yoda (you know the creature from Star Wars?) Yeah… there I was writing down this quote on my extra-large desk calendar. My husband, being a huge Star Wars fan himself, was pretty impressed that I had this quote written down. Little did he know it was because we were about to embark, once again, in training our child to go potty! Not to TRY and go potty, but to go potty! And so we started a few days later that weekend.

Saturday – go commando and let Everleigh roam the house and follow her like she is my puppy. Basically that is what I did that whole first weekend. We woke up, off came the diaper and we went downstairs to watch her favorite cartoons, Curious George and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I asked her, do you want to go potty? Well, there was my first mistake. Don’t ask her! Of course she is going to say “No Mommy, I’m watching TV.” So I brought her little potty to her. She sat down and peed! YES! Success!!! I then continued to ask every 10 or so minutes if she wanted to go potty? Most times she whined, said no and then I would just ask again. Later that morning we sat at the dining room table to eat breakfast, after having her just sit on the potty and not going pee, she sits down on one of our dining room chairs and well, got comfortable and pees! (Me: palm to face! DOH!) Well, you’re going to get setbacks right? Thankfully this was the first and only time she did that. (ps. she still had, correction HAS accidents, but not again on a dining room chair.)

Side note: Everleigh was also scared of sitting on the big potty. So this through us for a loop, we would walk around with her little potty with us even though her daddy set up a cool mini potty seat to our full size toilet… Do you know what I’m talking about? You know the one where the lid goes up and there is a mini seat permanently attached and via a magnet stuck to the lid, so your child can pull the seat down on top of the adult size seat? Well that is what we got since one of the first times she used the big potty with a Disney princess seat attachment, she pulled it out from under her (while sitting on it – yeah, figure that one out) and then fell in the bowl! She cried, called me and there was my kid with her knees up at her nose and butt wet from the water below. Poor little girl, but (sorry) absolutely hilarious too! Don’t worry, she did not see me laugh. 

Sunday and the weeks that followed – We continued the same routine (basically) each day, we would wake up, go sit on the potty, go potty and go commando (unless we were going out, then Everlreigh wore a diaper.) I think the process was a whole lot slower for us since she is in daycare Monday through Friday. We weren’t quite sure what do there. We spoke to the teacher, but were nervous to send her to school in just underwear until we knew she really recognized that she had to pee before it was running down her leg. Plus there weren’t many other children in her class that were potty training. Each day Everleigh began to recognize the urge to go pee (not poop, like I said that is a whole other story) and would come up to me right after she would pee just a little in her pants. Well, for us this was huge! For any parent this would be huge! My child just told me she had to pee, even if it was a little bit in her underwear, at least she knows the feeling! We would then go to the potty and she would go. We celebrated and she got a sticker and M&M. Note: “OH Crap” the book, says not to give prizes, but this worked for  us. Giving M&M’s also worked at getting her used to sitting on our standard size toilet. I fed her M&M’s and read her a book while she sat to get comfortable and realize that this potty seat cannot come unattached. That’s how we got over that fear.

Easter weekend – A long three day weekend, was the perfect opportunity to go full force into using the potty. Plus, I had the help of my sisters, mom, husband and the fact that all of Everleigh’s “big kid” (as she calls them) cousins around to help or be the example that they can go potty on the toilet too. We started Friday, which began with us continuing what we did the weeks prior in saying “it’s time to go use the potty now” and she would follow suit. To the next day, she would tell us when she would have to go and then Sunday she would tell us and then say “I can do it myself!”  All weekend she had no accidents (other than a little pee in her underwear, but it never reached her pants.) The only time she wore a pull-up was at night when she was sleeping. I cannot even tell you how excited we were that she was going all on her own!

Well, all on her own excepting for POOPING! (cue the music… dun, dun, dun…..) Yup! Pooping was her biggest issue. She would say she had to go poop, we would sit her down and then… NOTHING! She got scared, would begin to cry or whine and we would put back on her clothing and she would go on her way playing. This is where she would then get into the activity she was doing (coloring, playing with the doll house etc…) and get comfortable and poop in her pants! As you all know, poopy pants are no walk in the park to clean up! But, between Zephyr and myself, we handled it as every parent does. You just do it and move forward.

This week Tuesday – The next step is HUGE! Everleigh went to daycare this week in her big girl underwear! She also went armed and ready with her Elmo backpack filled with her “just in case” clothing. Filled with extra underwear, pants and a shirt or two, you never know right? First day, no accidents! Came home in her same Disney Frozen underwear! I was so proud! So proud I wanted to tell everyone! But I didn’t and instead and writing about it here today.

Wednesday – Again, no accidents! At school that is… then her daddy picked her up, they took a walk down the street, did some shopping, bought Everleigh new shoes and then went to go pick out a 6-pack of craft brewed beers and there is was… “Daddy, I have to go pee, NOW!” Too late, the puddle was already below her tiny feet. So what does any cool dad do? Well, he goes into the bottle shop and picks out his 6-pack of specialty beers with his daughter who has wet pants. (I just about died in laughter when he told me this story last night) This was a first for him and I’m sure it will not be the last time either.

By the time I got home last night from work and walked in the door I found both Zephyr and Everleigh in our downstairs bathroom. He shouted to me, “something epic is happening right now.” I heard him then continue to read the book he was reading to her while she was on the potty. I didn’t want to interrupt, so I went upstairs. Next, I heard cheering. “YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! You went poop on the potty Everleigh! Good job! I’m so proud of you!!!” I ran down the steps to join in the celebration and for Everleigh to (VERY proudly) show me the toilet. Geez can my child poop! For such a tiny person you would have though she was holding it in for weeks! Poor girl! But, she should be proud, this is HUGE, a milestone in her life thus far! And I’m a very proud mama for all of her efforts! And just for her efforts, tonight we are going to the toy store to buy her the scooter she has been dreaming of!

If you have children, what tricks do you have for potty training? Did you give any sort of small prizes or even a big prize when he/she was fully potty trained? I would love to hear from you. Email me at hello(at)tootsieandmarie.com.



ps. get “OH Crap – Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right” by Jamie Glowacki here.