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Work/Life Balance – finding the “sweet spot”

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Lately finding the sweet spot of work/life balance has been hard! Three years ago, during my pre-Eveleigh days, I wouldn’t have thought too much about it. But having a little person changes EVERYTHING!

In addition to building my small business I also work full time during the day. I love my day job and I’m […]

Adventures in Potty Training

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We began potty training a little over one month ago. Everleigh fought us some days while other days, she gladly sat on the commode and would go pee. Pooping was a WHOLE other story! She would still wear diapers to daycare, during nap time and bedtime. With that in mind, it was a sloooooooooooow […]

Be Authentically YOU!

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Authentic: (ôˈTHen(t)ik) adjective

of undisputed origin; genuine.
having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence;authenticated; verified
representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified
entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with knownfacts or experience; reliable; trustworthy

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

My birthday last week has since come and gone (and did not begin exactly how I had planned it would) but in the end it had me thinking “how do I want my 36th year on this […]

Monday How-to: A Personalized Pouch

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A little arts and crafts inspiration for your Monday. Let’s get this week started off right!

This weekend we made canvas zipper pouches personal with an array of different patches from places we visited from afar as well as some adhesive patches from Paper Source that visually describe things we like right now (🍕🍩 and […]

Glitter and Pom Poms

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Ever since I was a little girl I have had a thing for glitter. A love? An obsession? I don’t know what it is, but I like everything about glitter! Especially the way it sparkles. 🙂  It’s anything but plain, and it’s so darn pretty. I’m loving my new glitter filled pouch shown above from “Packed […]

HELLO! I’m Cassandra! Let’s get reacquainted

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Allow me to re-introduce myself… HI! I’m Cassandra! The creative, crazy, and wears way too many hats lady behind Tootsie & Marie (T&M.) I’m a wife, mom, friend, neighbor, artist, graphic designer and full time working woman trying to be on top of it all. I love to hug people, glitter is my favorite […]

Tuscan Lemon Wedding Invitations

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The day is finally here! I can share with you the Marchese/Lentini wedding invitation in all of its glory! I have enjoyed helping Jess and Ron create all of their paper, hand painted and die cut wedding accessories. This invitation holds a special place in my heart, it started with a vision from the […]

School of Love

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Hello Friends! These happy little fish bowl Valentine’s are now available for purchase in our Etsy shop. These cards are designed and illustrated by me (Cassandra,) die cut to be the shape of the fish bowl and come with translucent square envelopes. The back reads “I’m so glad we’re in the same school. Happy […]

I’m Doughnuts About You!

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I have been busy in the Tootsie & Marie studio designing for Valentine’s Day. These cute doughnut shaped cards are available now in our Etsy shop! Check them out HERE. These sweet cards come in packs of four with brown kraft paper square envelopes. They are too delicious to pass up! Only a limited quantity are […]

As Seen In…Philadelphia Weddings

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First allow me to apologize, this post is long overdue! Tootsie & Marie was seen in Philadelphia Wedding Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2014 issue. The “Real Weddings” article featured my dear friend Khaki (Katherine) and her husband Chris’ fabulous New Year’s Eve wedding held at Hotel Monaco. The couple chose the colors black, white and gold […]

Sum Sum Summertime

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When I think of summer a few words come to mind, sea, sand, sun and ice cream! Summertime as a child and young adult used to be relaxed, fun, a time to be social with friends, and go on vacation with my family (a vacation I didn’t have to pay for…thanks Mom & Dad!) […]

Limes Against Lyme

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“Limes Against Lyme” started as a mission. A mission to help out one of my closest friends, Alison, and her daughter in their fight against a disease that little is known about and so many are undiagnosed. A disease that I have seen first hand debilitate a person to the point where she was […]

South Philly Style

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To jump start the summer here in South Philadlephia (which is home to the Tootsie & Marie studio) I will be showcasing some new card designs at the Hawthorne Park Reggae concert and Arts Fair this weekend. I’m super excited since this is really the first time since my darling little babe was born that […]

Midsummer’s Night

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A few weeks ago we were asked to design a faux wedding invitation suite for a photography workshop hosted by Isabel March Photography The workshop, titled Midsummer’s Night Details, taught those who attended how to take stationary shots of all the little details of a wedding. Evey thing from the cake and flowers to […]

Peace Love Happiness

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Here’s a peak at fun project we worked on this week in the studio. A groovy graduation party invitation featuring tie-dye, daisies, peace symbols, hearts and smiley faces. The invitations were finished off with brightly colored hemp ties and then mailed in three different colored hand addressed envelopes. The euro-flap envelopes  chosen were bright […]

a little man is due to arrive!

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A little man is due to arrive…this July! A dear friend is having her third child, a baby boy, and I was lucky enough to be asked to deign her “sprinkle” invitation.