Like a lot of people here in the northeast, I’m dreaming of warmer weather and getting away… somewhere near the equator! (Preferably with sand and an crystal clear blue ocean in front of me.) This weekend was a little tease with 50 degrees and sun on Saturday; and I loved every second of it. I drove around in my car with the sun roof open and the windows open, even if it meant I needed my seat heater on as well as my fleece jacket. It was in my happy place.

To top off a really great day and make it even better, I picked up my AMAZING photographs from Isabel March’s Photography studio. I could not have asked for better photographs. Her skills and talent have me in awe. Isabel’s personality and photography style are incomparable. I’m very excited to start working with the photos and I hope to work more with Isabel in the future. If you are newly engaged, a bride, groom, mom-to-be or just want to have some photos taken, she is the woman to call. You can see her website HERE. And if you do, by chance, get to meet Isabel be extra nice and bring her some cake! (She loves any flavor but chocolate.)

Above are two sneak peak photos from Isabel of an engagement announcement that will be featured on in 20 days!