Ever since I was a little girl I have had a thing for glitter. A love? An obsession? I don’t know what it is, but I like everything about glitter! Especially the way it sparkles. 🙂  It’s anything but plain, and it’s so darn pretty. I’m loving my new glitter filled pouch shown above from “Packed Party” at Paper Source. I’ve been using it as a clutch purse these days.

I also have an equal love now as an adult for pom poms! I just purchased a scarf from Ann Taylor LOFT with them on it and a spool of mini pom poms from Paper Source to add to some handmade canvas zipper pouches (that will be in a later post 😉 ) I think they add a little bit of whimsy and fun to anything they are attached to. And when you add both pom pom and glitter together (like I did for my new glitter clutch) it’s so fun! On this random March snow day here in the northeast, why not try something new and make some pom poms yourself? Add them to your purse, backpack, on a wrapped gift to name a few ideas.

There are many ways to make pom poms, but quite honestly I learned by purchasing a kit off of Amazon. It was easy and everything that I needed was already in the box. I mean, come on! What more could you ask for?! I recently found the same kit at Paper Source as well. So you have some choices on where to purchase. 🙂

The kit I purchased also allows you make many pom poms all at once. Up to 24 depending on their size. The following instructions have been derived from the instruction booklet within the kit. I have edited the instructions slightly.


  1. Gather your yarn(s) and tie onto one of the rods. Loosely wrap the yarn around the rods. Once you are finished wrapping, cut the end of the yarn. Note: the more yarn you wrap the thicker pom pom you will get.
  2. Cut two 18″ long tying strands for each pom pom you will make. Place 2 tying strands under the yarns, half a pom pom width from the rod. (For example: for a 3″ pom pom place the first strands 1.5″ from the rod.)
  3. Place your next tying stand the size of the pom pom away from the first strand. (For example: for a 3″ pom pom place your next tying strands 3″ apart from your first tying strands.)
  4. How to tie your tying strands: Pom poms are only as durable as the knot you tie in their center, so it’s important to tie a very tight knot! One way to do so is to triple twist the 2 strands together.
  5. Pull tight. Double twist again and pull tight. Finish with a single knot and pull tight. Repeat these steps until you have all the pom poms tied off.
  6. Cut. Cut between the center of each tying strand.
  7. Trim. Trim pom poms to shape. Leave the long tying strands in order tie pom poms onto something if you wish.

Voila! You have a pom pom! There are other ways to make pom poms as well, without needing to buy a kit. I used a fork from my kitchen to make a small pom pom, which could be used for jewelry perhaps.  I used the same steps above, but the fork as my two “rods.” You could really make pom poms with anything that you have two points to wrap the yarn or ribbon around. Test different way to make them. That’s the beauty in being creative!


Until next time, have fun crafting!

xo, Cas