“Limes Against Lyme” started as a mission. A mission to help out one of my closest friends, Alison, and her daughter in their fight against a disease that little is known about and so many are undiagnosed. A disease that I have seen first hand debilitate a person to the point where she was using a cane to walk and at one point a wheel chair. A person whom used to be so active as a cheerleader, student, ballet and hip hop dancer to wondering if she will ever be able to gain her strength back to be able to walk up and down the stairs in her home.

Lyme Disease bites! Literally! All from a tiny little tick, a terrible disease is born and can make the strongest of men become weak if they are not treated.

I felt that this year I needed to do something more. For a long time I wasn’t sure what that would be or how I could help. I know my dear friend has fought this disease for a while, but this year something clicked and I needed to contribute in some way. That’s when one night before bed I thought to myself, why not use the talent that God has given me to design a greeting card. I have always love making cards, so why not make some in honor of her and her daughter?

I told my friend, Alison, my  mission and sent her some proofs of my work and asked her where I should send the money we raise. She then chose “The Children’s Lyme Network.” So I did some research, contacted them and the rest is history… at lease we are hoping to make some history. But that is where you come in. We need you to help us share this post and help us sell our Limes Against Lyme greeting card packs.

I will try and keep the rest of my story brief… Alison has been fighting Lyme Disease since she was young. Her and her husband wanted to start a family of their own, but did not want to pass Lyme to their child. They decided to use a surrogate, when their beautiful daughter, Hannah, was born they learned that she too has lyme. The disease was passed through Alison’s egg. There is unfortunately so much we do not know about Lyme Disease.

With your purchase of these cards 50% of the profits from the sale of each pack of cards will be donated to the Children’s Lyme Network (http://www.childrenslymenetwork.org) to help children get the proper diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease.




Limes Against Lyme is a pack of 8 “Lime” themed greeting cards (blank inside.) There are four designs total and two designs of each in a pack, totaling 8 greeting cards per pack. Each pack also comes with 8 lime green “peel and seal” envelopes. You can purchase them at our Etsy shop here:

You can also learn more about Alison and her story here: https://lymeaway.wordpress.com


Thank you all so much! And please don’t forget to share this post!