When I think of summer a few words come to mind, sea, sand, sun and ice cream! Summertime as a child and young adult used to be relaxed, fun, a time to be social with friends, and go on vacation with my family (a vacation I didn’t have to pay for…thanks Mom & Dad!) Oh how times have changed! Ha!

Summer seems to blur together with every other season now. However, this summer is much more special than those past. I now have a little girl named Everleigh to share my every day with. She is eight months old and we have been able to experience so many firsts already! First teeth, first solid foods, crawling and so much more. Time is flying by faster than you can eat a melting ice cream cone! Which, is why I designed the fun greeting cards you see here. I can’t wait to have her try her first lick of ice cream! These 5″ x 7″ flat cards have been one of the many fun projects I have been producing as of late. I printed up a limited quantity to share with you all as well. Find them at my Etsy shop here. It’s a pretty sweet deal at $4 a pack. Hope you think they are cool too.