The day is finally here! I can share with you the Marchese/Lentini wedding invitation in all of its glory! I have enjoyed helping Jess and Ron create all of their paper, hand painted and die cut wedding accessories. This invitation holds a special place in my heart, it started with a vision from the bride herself, sketches in my journal and then taking those sketches and digitally illustrating them in Adobe Illustrator. Each outer enclosure was die cut one at a time and as a team (an amazing group effort at that) we put them all together! Thank you Jessica and Ron for allowing my creativeness to be a part of your day. I loved seeing it all come together at your wedding!
In addition to their wedding invitations, I also designed several other items for their big day. I hand painted peg people for the top of their cake; each “peg person” mimics the bride’s and groom’s clothing worn on their wedding day. I designed sticker labels for their “five sugared almond” favors and coasters for the vintage wine glasses each guest took home. There were ceremony programs (not pictured) and a hand painted “Grazi” sign for the gift table. It had been a busy summer to say the least, but seeing it all come together is the sweetest reward!